Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Calm and the Chaos

Let's talk about the title of my blog for a minute. I just want to explain to all who don't live in my house 24/7 what it is like. For three children are having the time of their lives as they are chasing each other around our house...which incidentally makes a nice circle around the fireplace. Every rotation someone passes someone, pushes someone over, knocks someone down and then there is an added level of chaos usually heightened by crying and the words "__________ did it". (Fill in the appropriate child's name in the blank. Then for no particular reason, calm. A lull if you will in the chaos provides me with just enough time to settle my nerves. Then...back to chaos. That's one particular level. There is an entirely separate level of chaos and calm though. For example...Last night and every Wednesday night, youth small group is at my house. Yes I agreed for it to be held here each week. I also agreed to the residuals that occur. Chaos...the fact that there are 18-25 teenagers in my home once a week. Chaos...Inevitably there are spilled drinks, crushed chips and furniture moved all over the place. I'm ok with that. Then there is usually wrestling or horseplay of some kind with the boys and things get "out of whack". For example...Two boys were holding each others shoulders and trying to keep the other one from pushing each other over...fine until...One lets go and the other slams into the wall in my kitchen blowing the breaker that lights my kitchen. I'm ok, we'll just have to fix it. So you may be wondering...Tanya, where's the calm in this whole second level...hold on...I'm getting there. This morning, after the furniture is put back, the chips are swept up and the cokes are wiped up, I stood in my (very) dark kitchen in the (very calm and quiet). I drank a cup of coffee and I put cinnamon rolls into the oven. I prayed for my family very quickly before...chaos.

Please comment me if you read this! I would love to know what you think of my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

you are an amazing woman! i am not sure I could ever do what you do. You are such a great mom and a gracious youth minister's wife. :)

Justin and Michelle said...

Sounds like my house!