Thursday, September 27, 2007

Last Night...and the Morning After

So Yesterday (Wednesday) was See You At The Pole (hereafter SYATP) and what a day! Let's start on Tuesday...I ran some errands and went with my friend to visit a lady from our church who had just had a baby. When I got home that night the SYATP band was at my house (I knew they were coming). Its one of Paul's best friends, Chad and two Nathans and a Brandon. Anyway. Right away the house was crazy! Luggage, guitars and X Boxes strewn about. Cords from X Boxes and computers running this way and that all over the place. I went to bed about 10:30 knowing the big day that lies ahead...the boys...played until about 1:30am. The next morning everyone has to be somewhere by 7:30, so I'm in charge of my kids' clothes, breakfast, etc. and we are sharing our bathrooms and table space with four other (wonderful, might I add) fellows. Paul and the band went to Smithson Valley Middle School for their SYATP and there were somewhere between 150-200 people there! Really good turnout for so early in the morning. Needless to say I did all kinds of crazy stuff between the SYATP and the Rally. Skip to the rally. We had a great turnout. About 75 Students and at least 20 adults. Super good for a mid-week event around here. The band was awesome, Paul was amazing as usual and we ended about 9pm. To make a long story short...clean up, kids out of nursery, kids home, band to Starbucks, kids to bed, band home, X Box resumes. Now here we are the morning after. So tired. Poor Jacob, he is so sleepy today. I am praying hard that God will give him the power to "stay on green". Everyone else is snoozing...with the exception of Caleb...he's watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I say another successful SYATP added to our resume` and we'll catch up on sleep some other time.

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Chad and Jodee said...

What I would have given to be there! Thanks for the DP! haha! I laughed HARD! Miss ya! We ARE coming at some point during spring break! No LIE!!!!!