Sunday, September 30, 2007

More Randomness...if I can remember!

So my friend Magan and I were talking the other day and I said something and she told me that it could go on a new "random things" list about me. We continued to talk and some more random things came out to add, but for the life of me, I cannot remember a single one we talked about. I was all ready to blog a new random things list and here I am...nothing. Let me think a minute.....................

Ok so here are some I have come up with....

1. When I am watching tv, no matter what the temperature (inside or out) I HAVE to have a blanket. Usually one of several quilts hand made by my grandmother.

(I thought of one!)
2. I much prefer small childs scissors over large adult scissors! I guess I have been in children's ministry so long that adult scissors just seem ENORMOUS to me. So I always use children's scissors.

3. I am in my pajamas by 4:00 everyday unless I have somewhere to be that evening.

4. Teaching Children's Choir is my FAVORITE part of Children's Ministry.

5. I always choose function over fashion.

6. Coke Zero is my new favorite drink.

7. It drives my crazy when people don't do what they say they will do.

8. I am a bone fide "chocoholic" I have a small piece after almost every meal.

9. I am really into Grey's Anatomy. I think the drama makes my life seem simple.

10. I love to sing. Anywhere, anytime, and about anything.

11. I make up songs to all kinds of things. Sometimes I sing my conversations to my kids or Paul. Then I feel really silly.

12. I love to cook. This is a recent finding of mine. When I worked I only wanted food that was quick and easy. Now I enjoy actually cooking instead of just throwing frozen things in the oven.

13. If I could have another life I would chose a high-powered "business" or political position.

14. At one point in my life I was planning on becoming a lawyer and never having kids. (HA!)

15. I would love to get my masters degree. Maybe I will.

16. I think my kids are three of the most hilarious people on the planet.

(I thought of another one!)
17. When I get stressed and need an activity that requires no brain activity whatsoever, I cut paper. I get my child's scissors and some scrap paper and cut it into the smallest pieces I can....for no particular reason. I did this a lot in college. Wierd...I know.

After all of that I could only come up with one of the things I was going to put on the list. Well, when I think of them, I'll let you know.

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