Tuesday, October 9, 2007

dishes, I took out the trash, baths, Paul is gone, Ratatouille, coffee, trampoline etc...in no particular order

My title may be a little much for you but I hope to sort it out for you. I should start with the fact that Paul left today for a short trip to Midland to play the drums for his friend Chad at a thing called Fields of Faith....anyway. Since Paul is gone, all of his normal responsibilities fall on me...i.e. the dishes and the trash. I do not do trash. Can I say it again...I do not do trash.....I did the trash today. Before Paul left it wasn't necessary, after dinner it was. I just stood there looking at it, thinking to myself, I have to take out the trash. So I lifted it out of the can and tied it up and took it only as far as out the door. Is that really taking it "out"? Anyway, I thought of Paul in that moment and missed him. The other thing that Paul does daily, are the dishes. I don't like the dishes either. I cook, he cleans. Of course knowing that I had to the dishes, I cooked in as few pots as possible. Which brings me to Ratatouille...more on that in a minute. So back to the dishes. As I stood at the sink rinsing and loading the dishes, again, I missed Paul.
Back to Ratatouille. Ever since we saw the movie, Caleb has wanted to eat Ratatouille. Of course before the movie I had never even heard of it, much less did I know how to make it. So after looking around for a while, forgetting about it, Caleb reminding me he wants to eat it, and looking again, I finally found a Rachael Ray recipe for Ratatouille Veggie Toss and I served it over whole wheat pasta. Being an avid scrapbooker, I took pictures of the food cooking and of a "professionally" plated Ratatouille and of course, my kids enjoying it. Caleb was so happy to finally eat Ratatouille he didn't even notice that he was eating zucchini and tomatoes. That was a fun experience for us and I missed Paul as we sat down to dinner and sang a song of thanks to God for our Ratatouille.
After dinner we went outside for a little bit. The weather has been beautiful here! We jumped on the trampoline, got all sweaty and that led us to the other thing Paul does daily...bathtime. Paul sees fun, I see 3 dirty kids, then "mud" in the bathroom, soaking wet floor and to much splashing. Tonight we had fun. I'm not really looking forward to the next few minutes...bed time. It will be hard with out daddy. We'll pray for him.
After the kiddos go to sleep I think I will make some coffee and watch some tv before going to bed myself. Paul (very lovingly and thoughtfully) prepared 3 filters and premeasured the coffee for me... He makes me coffee every morning and so he wanted to "make" me coffee for each day he would be gone. Sooooo, I miss him again. He'll be home soon.
Thank you Jesus, for such a loving husband and wonderful children who adapt from daddy style to mommy style flawlessly.


Jennifer Raack said...

Ratatouille.......my husband has been wanting to try that (he's obviously just a big kid)!

How sweet that you are missing your husband while he is gone. When our husbands are away, I think God uses that time to remind us of the little things our husbands do for us that we sometimes take for granted (or, atleast that's what He does for me when my husband is away).

I'll be praying for Paul's safe and quick return home!!

Chad and Jodee said...

They sounded really good tonight.
It wasn't as fun without you! You should come!
Spring break should start tomorrow! haha!

Tanya said...

thanks babe for making sound like such a great hubby! I did miss you too but I won't lie it was nice being able to play Xbox with the boys withouts kids tripping over the cords. I love you very much CITY!