Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hans Bronson's Gold Medal Mission!

So tonight was our children's musical! It was Jacob's debut tonight and he had a solo! The funniest part was that Paul played the part of Hans Bronson, an olympic athlete from Finland. So, of course, Paul had a Finnish-ish accent the whole musical. It was really funny. Jacob was doing really good the whole time before his solo. Then his song came up, he promptly walked to the microphone and waited his turn. When his turn came the microphone next to him (not the one he was singing into) fell and he looked over at it and then Paul came to try and fix it and distracted him in light of all that...he did so good! It was so sweet to hear my son sing. "Blue is the color of the sea. Whose water can baptize one like me. And in that water grave, we show the world we're saved, to walk in newness and believe." So sweet!
In case you didn't know, I was one of the directors for the musical and so of course I had to be there every waking moment for practice, decoration, and directing. That would have been just fine...if my daughter had not woken up at 3am this morning with a 100.9 fever! That's right, I'm the director, Paul is Hans, and Abby is sick. I stayed home from church this morning to try and nurse her through whatever was ailing her and about halfway through Sunday school, my phone rings and it is my friend Magan (the other director). She tells me she is walking over to my house (we live next door to the church) because her son has a fever. Oh great. Now both directors have sick children...what are we going to do! Thankfully one of our nursery workers said that she would watch the sick ones in a separate room than the others.
So Satan really tried to do a number on me today. No victory for him though. The show went on. The kids did a fabulous job and the gospel was spoken through 50 precious children through song, motions and speaking! Thank you Jesus that you use children and negative circumstances to bring about your Good News!

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