Monday, October 29, 2007

Super Fun Weekend...Fun Week ahead!

Have you ever had a friend that you just knew God designed just for you? Well, I have two. I got to spend some time with both this weekend and "fun" does not even scratch the surface of what we had this past weekend.
My college roomdog, Cari, came to visit and we are the kind of friends who pick up where we left off the last time. It's been a while, so it took us all 3 days to catch up. We went to the Riverwalk and ate, talked, laughed, walked and walked and walked up stairs and down stairs and then back up againg...(she's cracking up laughing at this right now, everyone else will just have to move on!) Then we went to the Alamo on Friday morning. We have had the most beautiful weather here lately and Friday was no exception. Cari had never been to the Alamo so I thought it would be a great idea to experience it with 3 children in tow and I invited my other friend Magan and her son. So we went to the Alamo and walked around, the kids favorite part is the canons...of course. Anyway, we had a wonderful time. Then we walked about 5 blocks to the McDonalds playground.:( The kids were pretty ok considering there was no playground. As soon as we got there Abby had to go potty...of course...and so I picked her up and ran to the's locked! You have to have a token to open it! So I ran to get a token, ran back to the bathroom and ended up drying Abby's pants with the hand dryer...oh well. We had a great time!
Then on Friday night we went out with Magan and her husband to the Cheesecake Factory for Magan's birthday. We had a BLAST! Who knew so much laughing could occur at one table at one time. Then we went bowling! Again...SO MUCH FUN. Of course we are all terrible at bowling...(despite some of us who took bowling in college.) Anyway, we had a fabulous time and I am so thankful for friends who love and care about me and I also thank God for laughter.
Check my myspace for some pics of our fun time.

So the fun week ahead...of course it's Halloween! We set up for our Fall Festival yesterday and the kids tried out all the games. They are going to be "pros" on Wednesday and I am sure the are going to bring home way too much candy. Oh well it will be fun. I am excited to experience this with them. They are all at such a fun age I know that Wednesday will be super fun!

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