Friday, October 5, 2007

Kids Sick...Kids Well

So last weekend Caleb's "best dude" (aka best friend, Clay) got Croup. He was miserable for a couple of days. Like most "best dudes" Caleb and Clay share most everything...including Croup. On Tuesday afternoon I find Jacob with a fever, after school. Then later after dinner I find Caleb with a high fever and of course Jacob is getting worse. So far Abby is fine. Tuesday night rolls around and the boys begin their seal impressions, only they aren't pretending to be seals, they are coughing. They sound horrible and I brace myself for a long night...I know I will be accompanied in bed by more than just Paul. So everyone goes to sleep for the first time. About 12:30, seals barking from down the hall, more medicine, boys join us in the bed. Boys back to their own beds, 4:30am more seals barking, more medicine, more company in bed. So far my back is killing me for the way I am having to sleep to make room for my two sick babies. Of course I am tired and morning is approaching fast. My only consolation is that obviously Jacob can't go to school, so I get to sleep in...7:30, more seals barking. My poor boys looked absolutely pitiful. Their eyes were sleepy, their faces were red with fever, and they were sick. Abby? Still fine. So Wednesday at 10:00am I take the boys to the doctor, find out they shared Croup with Clay and each other, and most likely Abby. Get medicine, get a "sick toy" know...a toy for your kids because you feel sad for them that they are sick and you know it will make them feel better. Wenesday night, I again brace for a long night because I still have a duet of barking seals. Hot steamy bath, medicine, sleep, barking, bed sharing and switcheroo, more medicine, more barking, more bed sharing and switcheroo, finally morning. Thursday. Abby still fine, boys better but not good enough to go to school or "fernastics" (That's what Caleb calls Gymnastics) We spend all day doing a delicate dance of medicine, trying to stay quiet and still and resting but not sleeping too much so we can sleep at night. Finally the end of the tunnel! Abby is STILL fine! Boys are much better ready to face Friday head on! Thursday night, sleep! Everyone. All night. In their own beds. Yeah! Friday morning all is back to normal with the boys. Abby...coughing. Not nearly as bad as the boys. I give her the end of the medicine and she is already much better than this morning. Now, all asleep in their own beds, we'll see.
Thank you God for modern medicine. Thank you God for the beautiful day today that we could finally enjoy. Thank you God for well kids!


Jennifer Raack said...

I will pray you get a peaceful sleep tonight!

Cari said...

my heart is so full of love for you and so grateful that the Lord is able to use even things like blogs to minister to His people. thank you for loving my sweet friend Jennifer, even though you hardly know her. keep praying for us-the funeral is tomorrow. love you friend!